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Raven Song Etched Earrings by Gardi89
Raven Song Etched Earrings
Another piece of my new collection, The Wild Song. These earrings are a elements of base pieces of Raven Song part of that line. There will be also a matching necklace - the pendant is already etched, but I need to make, and add, bail and chain. Made of copper, oxidised and polished once the etching was done.
Available here:…

Other Wild Song pieces:
Wolf Song Etched Earrings Wolf Song Etched Necklace
Wolf Song Etched Earrings by Gardi89
Wolf Song Etched Earrings
These earrings are another part of the Wild Song collection I'm developing right now, and were made using salt water etching technique. I oxidised and polished them after the etching was finished. There is also a matching necklace.
Available here:…
Wolf song necklace: Wolf Song Etched Necklace
Wolf Song Etched Necklace by Gardi89
Wolf Song Etched Necklace
I recently discovered salt water etching technique and I love it! I'm also developing new jewellery line ( well, two different lines actually, but one right now exist only on paper ;) and it gave me the perfect opportunity to try that technique out. This necklace is one of the first pieces in that new line. The line is called The Wild Song, and that necklace is one of base pieces of its Wolf Song part. It's made entirely by me (and that chain took forever!), and was oxidised and polish after the etching was finished.

I also decided that I want to create new look for my store, and came up with entirely new set up while taking pictures of my pieces, and I must say I like those photos on the black background a lot more! I'm actually happy with how the pictures look, and this is very rare experience for me! From now on, I'm sticking to the black set-up :)

Available here:…
Moon Tree Fine Silver Pendant by Gardi89
Moon Tree Fine Silver Pendant
I made this pendant with art clay silver. I formed the shape of the pendant by hand, without any moulds, and then made, and soldered on a bezel setting for the moonstone cabochon. The last step was oxidising, polishing and setting the stone in place.

The pendant is 2.9cm long, 1.4cm wide, and weights just 2.9g. The stone is 7mm long and 5mm wide.…
Hyaenodon by Gardi89
That was supposed to be a quick break from another painting I'm working on (and will be working on for some time yet, because there is foliage - and I'm hopeless at painting foliage ) It turned out to be a big, separate project altogether. Mostly because my brain decided that drawing the fur one hair at the time with 5px brush will be an awesome idea:P I like the result though :)
Anyway, Hyaenodon is a genus belonging to the Hyaenodontidae family (an the type one, at that), of the order (of now entirely extinct) Creodonta. The genus appeared in the late Eocene and died out during the early Miocene. It was very successful, existing for approximately 26.1 million years, making it one of the most successful carnivorous mammals genera.
I based that reconstruction an a photo of a H.horridus skull reconstruction, however, I was drawing it with H.gigas in mind (for no other reason than the fact that gigas was probably the biggest species of the genus ;P). There are no known complete H. gigas skulls, though (as far as I know, anyway ) so I decided to not name the picture as that species.
Also, Hyaenodons had some of the strongest bite force among the carnivorous mammals.…
It's been a while since I last visited here... and I really, really hope that in the nearest future I won't be moving to a new place again, because months of redecorating, leaking roofs and basically just whole heaps of mess are not something I would like to experience again any time soon. And because of that all I actually managed to lost some of my supplies :/ I mean, they are somewhere in the house, but where?... that is the question! So I hope now I will be able to upload new things here somewhat regularly.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom to start...My name's Kasia (the full name is, wait for it: Katarzyna :D and I love forcing non-Polish to have a go in pronouncing it:D I think I've already heard all kind of things starting with K and having nothing to do with the real thing :D). I'm currently living in Northern Ireland, but I hope that I will come back home someday. I've been interested in art and artisan crafts for quite some time, started designing jewellery couple of years ago, firstly only for myself, but recently decided to show my creations to wider public. And, to my greatest surprise, I found out that things that I do are even considered by some worth buying ;)
Besides of jewellery making I also love to draw, paint, sculpt and write stories. I think I won't make any mistake in saying that I utterly enjoy almost every kind of creative activities. And I am seriously interested in biology.
I have also tendency to write over-long posts and introductions, so I think I will stop, before it gets out of control ;P
Oh, and sorry for any mistake I've made while writing this.

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